Title: All In Your Head #3: (A)sexuality, Intimacy, & IdentityCover of "All in Your Head #3"

Creator: Sam Schmitt

Contributors: Kayla Rosen, Jespa Kieselstein, Olivia Montoya, V, Liza Lauper, Mica McDonald, Kelsie Kachel, Barbara Ruth, Jacklyn Janeksela, Sky Cubacub, Maira, Raymond Luczak

Date of Publication: N/A

Location: N/A

Subject: Sexuality/Relationships/Sexual Abuse

Tags: abuse, dating, identity, gray-panromantic, gray-asexual, queer, multiple sclerosis, Asperger Syndrome, asexuality, race, mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder, mythology, poetry, Rebirth Garments, photography, clothing, trauma, quadriplegic, ASL, disability

Date Added: 5/24/18