Zine Collection Bookshelf

The Hampshire College Zine Collection is located in the Harold F. Johnson Library at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.  The collection was started in the 1990’s by students who were creating their own zines and adding zines to the collection from friends and fellow zinesters from around the US.  In 2007, the Zine Collective, a now-defunct Hampshire College student group, began to reorganize the zine collection and moved it to the 2nd floor of the library. Between 2008-2010, the Zine Collective added hundreds of new zines to the collection and made copies of some of the zines to distribute for free at college events. In the Fall of 2013 the zines were moved down to the 1st floor where they are currently located in a bookshelf between the Research Help and Media Services offices.

We are a non-circulating zine library with over 1,000 zines, and are still adding more!  If you’re interested in donating your zine(s), please take a look at our Donations page.  For more information about zines and how to find your way around our website, check out the FAQ.