zc_heroworship_n3_1994_001Title: Hero Worship #3

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1994

Location: UK

Subjects: Punk, Music

Catalog #: 249

Date Added: 11/20/12

  1. Julie Hardy says:

    This is the first Hero Worship fanzine, not the third. It dates from 1992. Location = Bradford, UK. I know this as it was written/produced by me and my sister. How the heck did you get a copy? :–)

    • hamp_archivist says:

      We have copies of issues #1 and #3, and it looks like we mixed up the cover image. We’ll switch them.
      The zine collection was originally created by a Hampshire student group, but has been support by many donations from all over once we launched the catablog. We get cool stuff in the mail on a somewhat regular basis! So chalk it up to the amazing citizen archivists out there who have preserved and loved their zine collections all these years and are willing to share them with a new generation.