zc_arnie_n4_199x_001Title: Arnie #4

Author: Simon Gane

Publication Date: Early-Mid 1990s

Location: UK

Subjects: Punk, Music, Comics

Catalog #: 28

Date Added: 6/8/12

Description: A British magazine that mixes comics, satire, interviews, reviews and more with a strong dose of anti-Fascist punk culture. Articles include “‘Beer is good for you’” and a write-up of their interview with the dead Princess Diana on her involvement with the anti-monarchist movement. In “the Right-on kids” comic three friends attempt DIY piercings, the serial “Arnie in Paris” follows the titular character’s attempt to assassinate a French Neo-Nazi leader and a shorter comic looks at Arnie’s childhood. Other features include an interview with the Anti-Fascist band Blaggers I*T*A, reviews of records and a review of a pub in Bath. – Constance Zaber

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