Rejoice! Hampshire community members now have the option to 3D print for free in the Library Media Labs!

The library received a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation which funded many new and excited media purchases, including the new, small-scale 3D printer: UP Mini 2.

Click Here for more information on the UP Mini 2.

Prints can take anywhere from 1 to 13 hours, and things can definitely go wrong during the printing process. If you are interested in creating 3D objects and/or printing them, get in touch with the Library Media Labs staff for training on how to use the equipment.

Related equipment include a photogrammetry scanner, 3D scanner, Cintiq Wacom tablet and high resolution 3D modeling software.

Take advantage of all of the resources the Hampshire Library Media Labs have to offer!

NOTICE: Free printing does not apply to the FormLabs 3D Printer

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