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The Library Media Labs

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Intermedia Lab

Room B2

The Advance Media general stations are equipped with the standard multimedia software package and midi keyboards. Alongside an analog digitizing station, the equipment of this space can support media production at nearly any stage.

Studio G

Room B3

Hampshire’s very own ‘Green Screen’ studio with 4K studio cameras, a lighting grid, and attached control room, allowing for live streaming and broadcasting.

Advanced Media

Room B5

The Intermedia Lab supports a variety of media-making, including but not limited to video editing, music and audio production, 3D printing, and stop motion animation. This lab houses the Sound Booth.

Electronic Music

Room B6

The Electronic Music Station is a single-user station that is primarily used for the production and manipulation of audio, though it is not restricted to this use.

Finishing Suite

Room B7

Users of the Finishing Suite can edit video, make surround soundtracks and electronic music, digitize analog media, manipulate photos, 3D animation, and more.


Room B9

The classroom is a space where classes or groups can meet, games can be played and designed, screenings are held, and more.

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