This space is where classes or groups meet, screenings are shown and events take place. Additionally game design and playtesting happen in this room. Equipped with an HTC Vive the room can be cleared for a full 16’ x 16’ VR playfield. Div III film-makers can screen here, listening sessions happen here and in addition to the contemporary Gaming PC the room is equipped with Surround Sound, a Projector, Blu-Ray player, Self Recording setup, Xbox1, Playstation3 and WiiU. Games and controllers can be checked out at the library desk, and student groups as well as the library occasionally add new Steam titles. The room seats 25.

This room includes

  • Seating for 24+
  • 6 folding tables for games and events
  • Video projector and screen (with audio and HDMI hookup)
  • Surround sound with Hi Quality Speakers
  • Blu-Ray/DVD/VHS/CD players
  • Skype and classroom recording
  • Xbox1, Playstation 3, Wii and WiiU

Classroom Schedule

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