This studio and streaming facility is equipped with 4 BlackMagic 4K studio cameras, a ‘Green Screen’ Cyclorama, up to 4K switching and recording capability. The room’s standard gear includes jib arms, led stand lighting, softboxes, gels, tripods, track, gaff and grip enough for most studio productions. Graphics overlays, multichannel audio, A/V playback, remote interviews and program recording are all available. Motion Capture, Game Design, Playtesting and Projection Mapping all happen here. Div III students, Classes and the broadcast student groups all use this space.

Studio G is only accessible to Hampshire community members who have been fully trained to use the space.


  • Green screen cyclorama keying wall
  • Lighting grid
  • Floor lights and stands
  • 4k BMD Studio Cameras (can only record to Control Room)
  • 4k BMD “Mini” Cam (can record directly to SD card)
  • Teleprompter screens
  • Tripods and dollies

Studio Schedule

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