Welcome New and Returning Students!
This spring is a great time to get to know the Library Media Labs. We have lots of new and exciting possibilities in store for you!

A few of my favorites are:

A FormLabs 2 3D Printer!
A new 27″ Wacom Cintiq tablet (the screen you draw on).
An Einscan 3D Scanner (does turntable and FULL BODY).
New software and improvements to our Animation Lab.
And lots of upgrades including a newly upgraded MOTION CAPTURE

Plus all the old favorites like:
The Recording Booth, the Paper-Cutter, the HTC-VIVE
The analog synthesizers, the TV/Streaming Studio
And our Video and Music Editing facilities and 3D design and MakerSpace

Looking for instructions on how to book a space, or availability of a station? Here’s your link – https://youtu.be/iuF3NwZwhBw

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