Teal Van Dyck, Project Coordinator

Teal is an educator, organizer, and interdisciplinary artist. For over a decade, they have been weaving storytelling, poetry, somatics, and social neuroscience to teach skills for embodying our values and enhancing interpersonal and ecological interdependence.

After receiving a B.A. from Hampshire College, Teal coordinated integrative healthcare teams and technology systems in primary care environments. As Project Coordinator, Teal is a founding staff member of the Ethics & the Common Good Project. As a facilitator, they create spaces where individual and collective evolution, healing, and liberation become accessible components of learning and leadership development. Teal’s areas of research include relational culture, queer temporality, transgender epistomologies, transformative justice and conflict resolution, trauma-responsive systems, physical cosmology, bioethics and biopoetics, quantum psychology, the digital commons, critical and decolonial pedagogies, and a radical ethics of care.

Project categories: Core Team

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