Javiera Benavente, Program Director

Javiera is an artist, organizer, and facilitator who has been engaging the power of arts and culture to create resilient and equitable communities for over 20 years.

She is the Director of the Ethics & Common Good Project at Hampshire College, which is dedicated to cultivating collaborative leaders who reflectively engage in creating a more resilient and equitable world.  She is a collaborator on several community based projects including  No Somos Maquinas/We are Not Machines, a visual and audio storytelling project that “highlights the voices and faces of workers who make and serve our food,” and HolyokeVisible, a creative placemaking project that harnesses the visions, challenges, resources and identities of Holyoke’s people to bring to life a series of creative events in downtown Holyoke.

Project categories: Core Team

Javiera Benavente
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