facilitated by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

In response to many recent suicides of femme artists, organizers, and community leaders, this emotional safety planning workshop is a space for femmes (people who id as femme or feminine and queer and/or non binary and/or trans) who want to learn and share about suicidality in our lives, as well as about safety planning and crisis support skills to support ourselves or others when we go through crisis. This workshop will be a space for us to talk about suicide in our communities and selves, and share and learn skills and strategies to navigate emotional distress, creating community crisis support webs, as well as talking about harm reduction methods for interfacing with state systems. We will talk about  how suicidality specifically shows up for femmes and how sexism, femmephobia, and transmisogyny play into suicidal ideation. We will also share tools for safety planning for oneself and for giving crisis support for loved ones in crisis. **This is a closed space for LGBTQIA+ femme-identified folks of all genders and expressions. This workshop was offered as part of the Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference.

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