Facilitated by Alina Ortiz Salvatierra and Jishava Patel, UACT Facilitator

Ricardo Levins Morales, an artist and activist for social change movements across the country, describes resilience as not an individual trait or skill, but as the capacity of one’s community members to support each other in the face of oppression. Through our class, our hope is to build resilience as a collective group. There will be weekly meetings and assignments that are interpersonal, reflective, and created to support a space where we’re able to build relationships and trust, feel supported as we learn and unlearn more about ourselves and the world around us, honor our wholeness, and hold the complexity of experience and difference. This class is for the students of color and international students who really want to make a difference and who also care about self-awareness, healing, and/or growth. Anyone who resonates with any part of this description is welcome.

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