A public lecture with journalist and organizer Jordan Flaherty

How can we fight back in this moment? How do we build a better world? What does accountable organizing look like? What is the role for people with privilege in liberation movements? A conversation with journalist and organizer Jordan Flaherty about his new book “No More Heroes: Grassroots Challenges to the Savior Mentality.” From the Crusades to Black Lives Matter, No More Heroes is a grassroots history of resistance to the savior mentality. This book weaves the stories of teachers, international volunteers, sex workers, FBI informants, indigenous organizers, and prison abolitionists into a narrative of revolutionary change that travels from Alaska to Palestine, from Karl Marx to Muhammad Ali, and from KONY 2012 to the Red Cross. Sponsored by Ethics and the Common Good; Critical Studies in Childhood, Youth, and Learning; and Community Partnerships for Social Change

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