Facilitated by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

In this workshop, we will talk about the (often feminized and undervalued) work of care, with a specific focus on how sick and disabled folks can create care webs for ourselves. We’ll map what we need and what we have to give and what allows us to ask for and give care well, as well as talk about how ableism, capitalism, and sexism make it hard for us to feel worthy of care. We will talk about the practical ways to create care webs for disability, chronic illness, or mental health needs, looking at some models and examples made by disabled queer and trans and or people of color and accessing some tools towards creating a sustainable and just care economy. We will journal and talk and dream about what our wildest dreams of abundant care would look like in our lives. This workshop was offered in collaboration with the Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference.

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