Taught by George Fourlas

In this course, we will analyze several key texts in liberation thought. The question motivating these readings is: What does our liberation require? Our primary text will be Enrique Dussel’s recently translated Ethics of Liberation, which we will carefully read in its entirety. As we read Dussel, we will supplement the text with those figures he engages and references, such that we can cultivate a robust understanding of both Dussel and the discourses he is engaging. Some of the figures that we will engage through or in contrast to Dussel include (but are not limited to): Emmanuel Levinas, Edward Said, Frantz Fanon, Kwame Ture, bell hooks, Lu Xun, James Cone, Gustavo Gutierrez, Hamid Dabashi, Antonio Gramsci, Angela Davis, Paolo Freire, and many more.

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