Facilitating Change: a group independent study

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente and Alina Ortiz Salvatierra In this course, we will learn about various approaches and methods for facilitating group process, shared learning, and collaborative actions that effect and create change in the wider world. We will explore how group facilitation can be used as a tool for cultivating connections and relationships, building […]

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CSI 175: Prisons, Policing, and Punishment

Taught by George Fourlas In this course we will first analyze traditional philosophical perspectives on punishment alongside critical genealogical descriptions of how it is that certain penal mechanisms emerged and determined our present: namely, the prison-industrial complex and the militarization of police forces. We will then take up the abolitionist question and reflect on how […]

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CSI 212: The Ethics of Liberation

Taught by George Fourlas In this course, we will analyze several key texts in liberation thought. The question motivating these readings is: What does our liberation require? Our primary text will be Enrique Dussel’s recently translated Ethics of Liberation, which we will carefully read in its entirety. As we read Dussel, we will supplement the […]

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