Title: Venusian Reject #8

Creator: Anna C.

Date of Publication: 1995 April, May, June

Location: La Mesa, CA

Subject: Anarchy

Tags: zines, music, punk, seventeen magazine, tiltwheel, butter beetle zine, ritalin zine, better than barbie, abortion, scruffy, the intigator, babykins, lucky seven, placebo, boredom sucks, grope, plume, raspberry, lady bird, the burning outhouse, jing bang so, bedtime, chihuahua, make room!, panik, sourpuss, stifled, bliss, i kicked a boy, habitual freak, frontal lobotomy, xx, bathory’s blister, jumbo shrimp, phreek, muffin bones, you’ve never heard such sounds in your life, c’est la vie, borgia popes, pandora’s lunchbox, biscuit, pj harvey, god is my co-pilot, suicide, rant, straight edge, riot grrrl, minor threat, green day

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