Title: Muchacha #9zc_muchacha_n9_2014_001

Creator: Daisy Salinas

Contributors: Francisco Zuniga, Margaret Cho, Jessie Valadez, Mina Boromand, Aislinn Pulley, Darci McFarland, Lily Karlin, Amanda Crouch, Roxy Morataya, Roberto Vodanovic, Teresa Longoria, Elrod, Kendra Lancaster, Raz Solo, Jordan Beaulieu, Sam Schmitt, Ren Kolozak, Laura Wilson

Publication Date: July 2014

Location: Unknown

Subjects: Feminism, Physical Health

Tags: body positivity, sizeism, veganism, eating disorders, collage, poetry, racism, gentrification, punk rock, fat-shaming, fiction, art, transgender, chronic illness, ableism, roller derby

Date Added: 11/11/16

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