Title: Savage Damage Digest #3 zc_savagedamagedigest_n3_2013_001

Creator: Cory M. Linstrum

Contributors: Leah Loscutoff, Gus Bernadicou, Dave Tibbs, Cooper Bowman, Forest Love, Todd Zimmer

Publication Date: Winter 2013

Location: Alameda, CA

Subjects: Music, Punk

Tags: vintage punk, garage rock, heavy metal, The Avengers, Greg Ingraham, Larry Wallis, Peter Daltrey, The Speedies, Redd Kross, The Mechanics, Roky Erickson, The Savages, book reviews, , zine reviews, music reviews, film reviews, crossword puzzle, photography, Sarah  Morrison

Content Description, Notes: “Stiff Records” pin attached to back cover

Date Added: 9/16/16