Title: This Disaster #3zc_thisdisaster_n3_1991_001

Creator: Marlena Thorne, Tyler Disaster

Contributors: Jamie Ferrara, Neil, Trenor, Michele Taylor, Adam Walter, Suzy Sunflower, Phineas Silver, Ariel Rey, Matt MacHaffie, Sherri Locker, Dawn Sullivan, Djerba Goldfinger

Publication Date: Summer 1991

Location: West New York, NJ

Subjects: Music

Tags: interviews, Test Department, Sugartime, Lush, King Coffey, Kitchens of Distinction, Cows, Godflesh, Venus Beads, Terminal Cheesecake, Chapterhouse, Coil, Ride, Meat Beat Manifesto, music reviews

Date Added: 8/17/16

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