It’s been a busy summer in the library, but we’re starting to get through our backlog of over 200 zines to enter, as well as updating our cataloging procedures. You might notice some slight differences with zine entry formats, and we’ve also started adding tags. Exciting! Here is the latest batch of new zines:

  • Gomibako #5
  • Gomibako #6
  • Gomibako #7
  • Gomibako #8
  • Limited Liability Corporation
  • Orpheus: Pocket Myth Zine + 12 Track CD
  • Razorcake #89
  • Razorcake #91
  • Solarpunk: a brief introduction
  • Solarpunk Press v.1 no.1
  • Solarpunk Press v.1 no.2
  • Solarpunk Press v.1 no.3
  • Solarpunk Press v.2 no.1
  • Solarpunk Press v.2 no.2
  • Solarpunk Press v.2 no.3

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