Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2016

The 2016 Pioneer Valley Zine Fest is happening tomorrow, Saturday April 9th, at Flywheel Arts in Easthampton, MA! Here is a description pulled from the facebook event:

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2016 is here! PVZF is an all-day event celebrating local and regional zines and zinemakers. Happening with Easthampton Book Fest, this is a FREE, all-day event.

The current schedule is:
11AM-5PM: Over 30 zine vendors!
5:30PM: A conversation with Ramdasha Bikceem of GUNK zine. Learn more here:

Zine Vendors:
Sonya Cheney- Nine Lives Zine Distro
Bryan Richard Grabigel- Photostatik
Alyssa Ranker- Don’t Cross, Band Hand, and more
Trevor Powers
Anne Thalheimer- Booty and much more
Sophie Argetsinger
Elvis- Homos in Herstory
Sarah Mae- Wild Womyn are Witches
Constance Augusta Zaber
Jacinta Bunnell- Queerbook Committee
Zachary Noel- Cheep Cheep, Strange Dimensions, and more
Viv / Den- Weird Kids Guide to Friendly Flora and more
Jeff Gibbons- Cowboy House
Dave Gunn- Discomfort
Em Brooks- Trash Coven
Anna Flinchbaugh- Annamaize
Matthew Scott Gualco
Esther S White- Sister Sister Books
Ally Bernstein- Swampfly Zines
Owen Aptekar-Cassels- Trans-ient Life Form
Tim Sheldon- Library of Timothy Daniel Sheldon
Sophie Yanow- In Situ
Timothy McCool- Infinite Scroll
Driton Krasniqi & Chris Chew- Gentlepersons Gently
Paige Smith-Hogan- Disturbing the Universe
Bella Vendetta- Beautiful Revenge Productions/MyOwnBrain Productions
Benjamin Kilbride- BPK Zines
Tony Tonz Halll- We Got to Organize
Jil Crary-Ross- Sharkbite Zine
Miranda Wiley- Cold Spring Hollow
Lilly Israel- UMass Permaculture
Anika Balaconis- Far Cry Zine
Nicole Shea- Westernmass Me
Hayley-Jane Blackstone- LOCULUS Quarterly
Megan Kender- garden // graveyard
Jae Hyun Ha- Lithebody Zines
Huimin Wan- HuiminZine Poetry

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