zc_processedworld_n30_1992_001Title: Processed World #30

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: Winter/Spring 1992-93

Location: US/California

Subjects: Work/Workers’ Rights, Anarchy

Catalog #: 815

Date Added: 7/11/13

  1. Rose says:

    I just loved this zine as a whimsical and yes practical way to survive in a world of over education and under employment. The issue that had an article about how to goof off at work wile making the company think you we a hard working “self-starter” made me laugh so hard I had to cross my legs not to pee. The other article that was great was about how to think up great sex fantasies while at work and find legitimate ways to put yourself in a position not to have your boss suspect you weren’t fully engaged in your work. Was this in the same issue? Anyway always good practical advice on navigating the Mc Job world. Processed World For this Century? Yes please!