zc_zgb_n4_1991_001Title: Zgb 2 1/2 #4

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: June 1991

Location: UK

Subjects: Punk, Music

Catalog #: 652

Date Added: 2/7/13

  1. NGM says:

    ZGB two and a half was made by Mister Say ov the band Mayomberos Alive (aka the Blobels) in Dublin, Ireland from the mid nineties to the end of that decade. Originally “ZGB” was a fanzine about the kids tv programme Rainbow, hence Zippy George Bungle. There was one ZGB and maybe 7 ZGB and a half ones. These included Psychic Tv, sport, women and one planned about spiders which was never made. I think the psychic tv one was the last one. Mayomberos Alive recorded 6 albums which were released on cassette, the last being Multicoloured Yawn of which only about 6 were sold. They partly recorded in a corporation telephone exchange and the fanzines were made on the photocopier there. I have see a few online but what seems rarest is the first one (the Rainbow kids tv one) and the last one, Genesis P Orridge / Psychic tv. Two things of note : Jane from Rod, Jane & Freddy rang Mister Say after the first ZGB was sent to all the Rainbow cast and crew and the other dude in MA / the Blobels was iz insayne who contributed a bit to the zine. Also, ZGB was released around 1988 and the Blobels had two cassette albums which sold about 90 copies, had the ZGB fanzine and a special poster. One copy was sent to John Peel. The Blobels were named after a Philip K Dick short story. Good luck finding these fanzines in 2016, they are probably in a lot of attics…or destroyed!!!