zc_weallliveinbhopal_001Title: We All Live In Bhopal

Author: David Watson

Publication Date: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Subjects: Anarchy

Catalog #: 668

Date Added: 2/11/13

  1. Raul Solanki says:

    Its pathetic to see Indian Government doing nothing to restore the lives of people suffered the black night. 25-50K INR is waht they paid to the people who suffered minimal or deep loss, 100K INR to families of deceased.

    This is certainly not the way who should treat with victims of such a big massacre. Being a member of victim family I feel the pain it left us with. Idk if people can stop disaster from happening but at least people deserve some respect and corruption free help from the authorities. Not a place to let you greed take over when you have the resources to help victims.

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