notyourmothersmeatloaf5The Five College Women’s Studies Research Center is holding the “Mediating Public Spheres: Genealogies of Feminist Knowledge in the Digital Age” symposium from April 4th-6th, 2013, & as part of that, the Hampshire College Library will be hosting a zine workshop on Saturday April 6th!

From the flyer: “Saiya Miller, the coeditor of Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf, A Sex Education Comic Book will discuss the importance of creating spaces where marginalized experiences of sexuality and often silenced realities of sexual health can be visible, both in the material and digital worlds.  The workshop will address the unique opportunities that comics provide as tools in an educational setting, as well as the inherently complicated questions of positionality, aesthetics, and censorship that arise during this work.  Participants will create a collaborative comics project and discuss examples of other comics and zines that deal with sex, sexual health, gender, and sexuality.”

The workshop will be held at the Harold F. Johnson Library @ Hampshire College Saturday, April 6th from 12:30-2:00pm.  Space is limited to 30, so all you interested zinesters should register to by March 30th.

For more information, visit


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