zc_clowns_n2_1991_001Title: Clowns Killing People #2

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: May 1991

Location: UK

Subjects: Punk, Music

Catalog #: 106

Date Added: 7/3/12

  1. Michal Goldemund says:

    Hello…,I really liked the punk/hc scene ,which was in 80´s and I am very interested in the history of this scene,the people and their cooperation and different types of sharing,therefore, I would like to ask something,because I know,that’s for sure you’ll know.It’s been many years back,but perhaps you can think of.my question is:Don´t you know,if guy Rich Militia(ex SoreThroat,Warfear)knew
    some people from mentioned bands like
    Minds)Ade,Stu,Gary,Gas,Tony..(Satanic malfunctions),Nick C.Palmer a.k.a.”Max von…(he was art graphic and he
    involved in 1 in 12 Club short time involved movent/anarchist performance called”The Front”)”,Dave”Bambi” CrippensTom Crippen,Beano Hackenbush(ex Docor and the crippens)Pig Havoc(P.V.C)… at the time 87-9O as
    friends and then arose Sore Throat??Simplistic SHARING…Mainly wondering if Richard knew people from all those bands,I im fairly sure said?(or may these people I mentioned may have known each other before 1985( they did all know each other…),I mean years 1981-83,when there was the biggest boomof punk scene in England)I mean they all were from the same venues 86/89In
    that times it was mixed a lot in scene, everybody known everybody. I
    ´m asking you because these people had the same ideas DIY
    attitudes,from apart the same mucic experiment influnce..etc(as if they were from the same dough,whole). I think they were one crew and then they chose their
    own way.Don´t you know
    anithing about it??Thank you very much!!Michal

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