zc_bruce_n3_1993_001Title: Bruce On A Stick #3

Author: Glenn & Tyler

Publication Date: November 1993

Location: US/New York

Subjects: Film, Miscellaneous

Catalog #: 81

Date Added: 6/19/12

  1. HC Zines says:

    Well, if you’re ever looking to get rid of yours, you know where to donate them, ha ha! And of course, if you’re ever in the area, feel free to stop by & read issue 3.

    Bruce On A Stick is one of my favorites in the collection here – just kind of a random subject for a zine!

  2. Steve Kriozere says:

    I own all 4 issues. And I’m actually seeing Bruce this Wednesday in LA for the signing of his new book. I’m going to bring my copy of BOAS #1 to get signed by him as well. Groovy!