Sexual Minorities Archive: Queering the Commons
Come experience queer histories like never before!
Thursday, March 22nd from 4pm-6:30pm, meet on campus for van ride to Holyoke

Join us for an off-campus field trip to one of the oldest and most unique LGBTQ grassroots archives in the country. We’ll drive to the Pink Lady, a Holyoke Victorian stuffed to the gills with literature, rare periodicals, music, and art from every era of LGBTQ life, and the home of archivist Ben Power. Ben will give us a special tour of the archives, including Leslie Feinberg’s personal library, and will share the story of over forty years of protecting & sharing histories that are often inaccessible, erased, or destroyed. The SMA is an incredible resource for research, academic projects, and internships – come connect with the queer commons!

Space is very limited. Please email Teal Van Dyck at to request a spot.

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