Join ECG in practicing more generative ways of relating to ourselves, each other, and our community at Hampshire. In this practice space, we will share stories of connection to sensitize to each other’s challenges and support needs. After we hear each other’s stories, we will resonate to affirm the humanity in one another and appreciate the collective knowledge in the room. Through this practice, we hope to engage with our values regularly, keep collective resonance alive as a resource, combat the isolation often experienced on campus, and grow a trustful community we can rely on.

Since this is a practice space and not a workshop, participants will need to have some experience with relational storytelling and resonance such as participating in a Relational Uprising training, an ECG training/retreat, or a resonance workshop facilitated by an ECG team member.

Our  story circle is Friday, March 30th from 1-2:30pm in Kern 106.


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