With Monique Roelefs

Recognizing the centrality of aesthetic frameworks and concepts to black thought and cultural production, this course examines conceptual frames and artistic/literary strategies that shape the burgeoning field of Black Aesthetics. What role do evolving notions of aesthetics, politics, and blackness play in shifts that are occurring in the field? How do philosophical understandings of aliveness, play, satire, gender, race, queering, and the everyday take form in current practices and theories? What new questions arise? Artworks in multiple media and traditions will be considered. The course is cosponsored by the Ethics and the Common Good Program and may involve visits by guest speakers. Theorists we will read will include Du Bois, Wynter, Davis Taylor, Hall, Lorde, Shockley, Moten, Wilson, English, and Quashie, among others.

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