graphic facilitation notes on the commons

There Are Plenty of Alternatives

Why co-ops, regional currencies, and hackerspaces are pointing the way toward a new economic vision. By David Bollier Originally published on The Nation In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shocking election victory, a shattered Democratic Party and dazed progressives agree on at least one thing: Democrats must replace Republicans in Congress as quickly as possible. As […]

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Trans* Stories Rising: Connection, Resilience, Liberation

Facilitated by Teal Van Dyck and Alina Ortiz Salvatierra As trans* narratives increasingly enter the mainstream culture, we still encounter a limited selection of stories and histories of trans* lives. In this workshop, we will celebrate and illuminate the nuance, beauty, and variety of trans lives, share stories of resilience and connection, and identify the […]

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SPARC: Can We Talk? An interactive workshop presentation for staff and faculty

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente and Chris Tinson, Professor of Africana Studies in CSI This interactive workshop presentation will create a faculty & staff centered space to share stories and strategies of engagement in these difficult social and political times. We want to allow space for faculty and staff to discuss some of the tough issues […]

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Building Resilience Together

Facilitated by Alina Ortiz Salvatierra and Andrea Johnson, Division III Student Ricardo Levins Morales, an artist and activist for social change movements across the country, describes resilience as not an individual trait or skill, but as the capacity of one’s community members to support each other in the face of oppression. Through our class, our […]

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Brick mill buildings along Holyoke canal

Holyoke Visible

June 10-11, 2016, Center for Design Engagement, Holyoke, MA
This workshop provided an opportunity for for Holyoke residents, organizers, educators and artists to learn effective ways to engage their creativity in organizing for community change.

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