HACU 299: Blackness and the Aesthetic: Philosophical Reflections on Aliveness, Play, Satire, and the Ordinary

With Monique Roelefs Recognizing the centrality of aesthetic frameworks and concepts to black thought and cultural production, this course examines conceptual frames and artistic/literary strategies that shape the burgeoning field of Black Aesthetics. What role do evolving notions of aesthetics, politics, and blackness play in shifts that are occurring in the field? How do philosophical […]

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NS 124: HIV/AIDS: 35 Years Later

With Megan Dobro When the HIV virus was first identified as the cause of AIDS, people never imagined we still wouldn’t have a cure 35 years later. What’s happened in all that time? What is taking so long? In this seminar, we will read about the milestones of HIV research and discuss why finding a […]

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CSI 221: Restricting Bodies, Building Boundaries: Population Control and its Impacts

With Anne Hendrixson Populationism refers to “ideologies that attribute social and ecological ills to human numbers” (Butler and Angus 2011, xxi). In this class, we will examine three dimensions of populationism: demo-, geo- and bio. Demopopulationism refers to knowledges, practices and policies that blame human numbers for global problems in order to rationalize efforts to […]

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