self portrait of carmen sitting on wall in backyard garden of family home in Puerto Rico

Fragments of Belonging

with Carmen Figueroa, 14F Carmen Figueroa is a portrait photographer from Brooklyn, NY who believes we have powerful stories to tell. Part celebration and part institutional critique, her Division III project Fragments of Belonging recreates and reimagines her family, herself, and their stories to shape wholeness from fragments of images and memories. This collection of […]

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grant info session flyer in orange and salmon blocks with light bulb image

Grant Info Session

Thursday, March 7th from 12-1:30pm, Kern 202
Need funding for your divisional work? Trying to support an independent project? Or maybe an internship or volunteer position? Join our collaborative grant info session to learn how to find grant funding on campus, get tips on how to write a strong grant proposal, and put together a budget.

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Blue text with white backlight on burgundy background that says Community Potluck

Community Potluck

Friday, February 22nd from 11:30am-1pm, Hampshire College Art Gallery
Bring yourselves and – if you can (but we’ll supplement so NO pressure if you can’t!) – something to eat and share together in the Gallery this Friday. Sit and chat with colleagues and friends, take in the current exhibition, read your book in the lounge section, make a college to contribute to the community installation, or just BE … TOGETHER. All welcome – students, staff, faculty, alumni, & community members.

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Tree with large roots

Radical Practice of Care Retreat

Friday, March 15th – Sunday, March 17th, 2019
The Wellness Center, in collaboration with Ethics & the Common Good, OARS, Spiritual Life, and Residence Life, invite you to the Radical Practice of Care Retreat, a unique 3-day opportunity for connection and reflection. The purpose of this retreat is to explore the ways in which we foster support for ourselves. In turn, we seek to understand how care for oneself is fundamental to and interrelated with caring for others and our communities. Together we will engage in conversations and activities that develop our capacity for care in a manner that is intentional, realistic, and sustainable.

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HACU 209: Video I: LIVE!

With Kara Lynch Video I is an introductory video production course. Over the course of the semester students will gain experience in pre-production, production and post-production techniques as well as learn to think and look critically about the making of the moving image. We will engage with video as a specific visual medium for expression […]

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IA 122: Intro to Social Entrepreneurship

With Dawn Leaks Through this course students will develop their own community and world-changing ideas into venture plans, using practical frameworks and principles. Students will learn about social entrepreneurism as a vehicle for change, and about the different forms and structures social entrepreneurism can take. Accomplished social entrepreneurs from around the world will share their […]

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HACU 294: Examining and Reimagining Contemporary U.S. Arts Ecologies

With Deborah Goffe How does one sustain a life in the arts? While this question looms large for lovers of the arts, a host of other questions lurk just beneath the surface: How is success defined and redefined? Where are the points of entry and who are the gatekeepers? How do performance, making, educational, community-engaged, […]

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CSI 223: Artivism: Art, Activism, and Performance as Subversive Forms of Social Action, Political Expression and Community Building

With Wilson Valentín-Escobar In moments of political and economic crisis, activist-artists, or artivists, often respond to the call for social change. They generate art as social action and also help realize a new social world into being. Drawing from disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, this seminar investigates the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of […]

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NS 165: Knowing the Forest

With Robin Sears Forests comprise a major component of the New England landscape, and in much of the world. How do we know our forests, how do we treat them? We will look through blended lenses of ecology and social science, resource management and the humanities to gain an appreciation for the complexities and nuances […]

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CSI 201: Meth, Opioids, and the Trump Crisis

With April Merleaux Since 1990 overdose deaths in the United States have increased five-fold, resulting in what is best described as an overdose crisis. Many of the states with the highest prescription opioid overdose deaths-and the greatest harms from crystal meth-also vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. In this course we will consider […]

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