This gathering brought together over 30 artists, scholars, and interdisciplinary practitioners to Double Edge Theatre’s Farm Center to engage in collective thinking and dialogue around three areas of inquiry. The first is how mystical, esoteric and contemplative thought play a role in the development of vital artistic practice and culture building. From Kabbalah to Carnival, this gathering explored how mystical and esoteric thought connects to evolutionary artistic practice. The second lens examines connections to land in relation to artistic, community, and ethical practice. From ecology to agriculture, art to ancestry, first nations history to site-specific art, we focused on land narratives. The third lens is concerned with movements that affect shifts in social imagination and social relations. As individuals and organizations, is there a way to affect change in collective consciousness towards particular societal norms/ behaviors? Over the course of the three day gathering, we explored the interconnectedness of these three areas and developed inclusive strategies applying the full knowledge, vision and resources of our field, synergizing the capacity for participants to move towards larger scale collective action in our work together.

  • art and survival convening large group
  • three convening participants discuss
  • convening participant smiles
  • art and survival participants smiling
  • person talking with outstretched hands
  • convening participants at outdoor meal
  • art and surivival participants talking
  • art and survival tent meal
  • man in hat gestures while talking
  • two seated convening participants talking
  • facilitator drawing visual notes
  • two convening participants talking
  • art and survival four participants
  • graphic facilitation notes on arrival at center
  • graphic facilitation notes on feeling alive and aware
  • graphic facilitation notes on the commons
  • graphic facilitation notes on collective imagining
  • graphic facilitation notes on imagination and social change
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