Hello and welcome to the Library Media Labs. If you are new here, these labs, located on the bottom floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library, houses a facility open to all current Students, Staff and Faculty. We like to say our aim here at the Library Media Labs is to help you be productive. Whether it’s editing a film, scanning an object for 3D printing, recording music, making an animation, learning motion capture, VR game design or Broadcast Production we can help you. Even if you just want to edit a paper or web page you are welcome, however our labs specialize in high quality production tools and techniques. From Midi to MoCap, from Audacity to Zbrush we love to help students push technology into new territories. We aid with planning, advise on technology and relish creativity.

We also hire workstudy students. If you have a workstudy allotment and are interested in being a Media Production Assistant, contact the lab manager.

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