an interactive presentation and workshop with Tom Llewellyn, Strategic Partnerships Director at

The most pressing challenges cities face today, including wealth inequality, environmental pollution, and social isolation, have the potential to be mitigated by the efficient and equitable sharing of vital resources with each other. This interactive presentation and workshop will illustrate a commons-based vision for Sharing Cities, building upon Shareable’s years of experience covering the ecosystem and the 133 model policies and case studies from 80 cities in 35 countries curated for their new book, Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons. A short presentation will begin with a ‘state of the movement’ before discussing 11 core city sectors with clear commons-based solutions on the topics of food, housing, mobility, work, waste, energy, land, water, finance, governance, and information and communications technology. Attendees will then participate in a World Café style discussion, working together to outline strategies for what we can do to meet the challenges of our time while improving equity, justice, community resilience, and trust by activating the urban commons. This event is part of a series on Solidarity Economies in collaboration with Hampshire Entrepreneurship and Community Partnerships for Social Change.

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