Application Deadline: Monday, April 15, 2019

The Ethics and the Common Good Project offers grant funding up to $3,500 to assist current students with the cost of living while interning for a mission-driven organization of their choice. The organization’s mission must be aligned with the Ethics and the Common Good Project’s mission and values, and the proposed internship must be an integral part of the students’ academic work. Priority given to Division II students on financial aid.

General Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must be a current student at the time of the internship and returning to Hampshire as a student in the fall semester. If you plan to be on leave for the fall, it must be a field study leave and not a leave of absence.
  2. You must be in or entering Division II or first semester of Division III (expected completion date December 2018).
  3. Priority will be given to students receiving financial aid.
  4. You must complete a minimum of 200 hours of substantive, supervised work, which can be completed in a 6-10 week period.
  5. Internship placement must be at a mission-driven organization located in the United States or abroad
  6. Recipients must agree to these mandatory requirements:
    • Attend a pre-internship training/orientation in April or early May
    • Submit a mid-summer report and a comprehensive final report
    • Participate in mid-summer conference call check-in
    • Submit an internship evaluation form

A portion of your award will be held back until these requirements are complete.
Grant recipients are required to return any award received, in full, if they do not complete the internship as outlined in their proposal, along with the requirements listed above.

Award Criteria:

  • Quality of proposed internship, including merit and feasibility.
  • Demonstrated need for funding to pursue internship.
  • Application clearly demonstrates alignment of internship and student’s academic work with the mission and values of the Ethics and the Common Good Project

To Apply

Please use the Social Justice Summer Grant Application Process

You will need to submit:

  • The online application
  • Faculty statement of support
  • Organization statement of support

All documents can be found on the Social Justice Summer Grant website.

Community Partner Sites

ECG is excited to promote the following community partners as possible internship sites this summer. The following organizations are community partners we have previously collaborated with and who are interested in working with students from the Hampshire community. We encourage you to reach out to these organizations in advance of the deadline to build a relationship and request a letter of support if you are interested in working with the organization. If you have any questions about connecting with the internship site, please contact Teal Van Dyck, Project Coordinator, at

Pioneer Valley Workers’ Center

The Pioneer Valley Workers’ Center (PVWC) builds power with low-wage and immigrant workers throughout Western Massachusetts. Together, they organize to build community and win real change in the lives of working people. Through worker-driven organizing, leadership development, coalition building, popular education training, community-led research, and legal services, the PVWC addresses issues of concern and defends worker rights in the Pioneer Valley.

Schumacher Center for a New Economics

The Schumacher Center for a New Economics is dedicated to an economics that supports both people and the planet. They believe that a fair and sustainable economy is possible and that citizens working for the common interest can build systems to achieve it. Their current work includes supporting and developing commoning projects, community land trusts, a local currency program, and community-supported industry.

Sexual Minorities Archives

The Sexual Minorities Archives (SMA) is a 43-year-old, grassroots community archive and home of archivist Ben Power Alwin who has spent his life curating, protecting, and sharing histories that are often inaccessible, erased, or destroyed. One of the oldest, largest, and most unique LGBTQIA archives in the country, the SMA collects, preserves, protects, and makes accessible the literature, history, and art of all sexual and gender minorities of all races and ethnicities.

Past Internship Awards

Summer 2018

Alana Young-Morrison | Division II
Child Institute at An-Najah University
Nablus, Palestine
Alana will be serving as a teacher’s assistant in the Child Institute’s Early Learning Center at An-Najah University, which provides a Montessori education rooted in peace studies for children of all abilities. During the day, she will be teaching general education, English, and art in a multi-aged bilingual classroom. In the evening, she will be facilitating storytelling and art projects with two youth groups for women in high school and college.

Annie Wood | Division II
Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS)
Washington, DC
Annie will be interning with HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive), a non-profit organization in Washington, DC that provides harm reduction services, education, and advocacy to individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance. In her work as a direct service intern, Annie will support the mobile outreach program and drop-in center by providing harm reduction counseling, making referrals, and assisting in community education around HIV/HCV prevention and treatment.

Carmen Figueroa | Division II
All Hands and Hearts
Yabucoa, Puerto Rico
Carmen will be volunteering with All Hands and Hearts, a non-profit organization committed to effectively addressing the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters in relational and resilient ways. She will be assisting in their hurricane recovery program on the ground, as well as creating a photography project to witness and remember the history, culture, and stories of Puerto Ricans.

Cheyenne Palacio-McCarthy | Division II
Double Edge Theatre
Ashfield, MA
Cheyenne will be interning with Double Edge Theatre as their Art Administration Intern, assisting with theatre management and programming, including planning and preparing the Art and Survival Gathering, a 3-day conference where theatre practitioners and artists come together to discuss the role of art in today’s world and its impact on culture and social movement building.

Eddy Ongweso, Jr. | Division II
Independent Drivers Guild
New York, NY
Eddy will continue his work with the Independent Drivers Guild, an organization that brings together app-based drivers and gig economy workers to fight for collective bargaining rights and worker benefits. He will be join existing community organizing efforts in outreach and education to protect and empower exploited drivers and expand their support network.

Emmett DuPont | Division II
Provincetown, MA
Emmett will return to their ongoing work with COLAGE, the only national youth-driven organization for people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents and caregivers. Emmett will be coordinating, leading, and organizing a volunteer facilitation team for COLAGE’s Family Week summer camp, the largest annual gathering of LGBTQIA+ families in the world. They will be collaboratively creating workshops and teaching trainings on topics like allyship, transgender identities, adoption, and racial justice.

Elí Alejo | Division I
Arts-Based Youth Mentoring
Los Angeles, CA
Ethan will pursue an internship with an LA-based organization mentoring underserved youth through the arts. They will also be working with CalArts-based researchers on a project that investigates strategies to connect trans and femme artists with museums and galleries for greater artistic representation.

Forel Kourouma | Division II
Hizbut Tarqiyya
Touba, Senegal
Forel will be interning with Hizbut Tarqiyya, a grassroots entrepreneurship organization located in Touba, Senegal. Forel will return to Senegal to continue his immersive studies of technology and entrepreneurship in the developing world, learning from local innovators and offering his asset-based community development training. He’ll research local economic and community development projects, uplifting asset-based strengths and solutions while collaborating with local entrepreneurs to solve pressing social issues in their community.

Jules Petersen | Division II
Sexual Minorities Archives
Holyoke, MA
Jules will assist with archival preservation, community outreach, and local research endeavours at the Sexual Minorities Archive, one of the oldest and most unique LBGTQIA+ archives in the country, making accessible the literature, history, and art of all sexual and gender minorities of all races and ethnicities. Jules will contribute to ongoing stewardship and increasing accessibility of online and print resources available to the public through this commons-based grassroots community archive.

Lexx Cespedes | Division II
Pioneer Valley Workers Center
Northampton, MA
Lexx will be working with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, a base-building organization in Western Massachusetts working towards justice for immigrant and low-wage workers through legal assistance, labor education, coalition-building, and community engagement. As the Event Organizing Intern, Lexx will be responsible for planning a variety of events to support the organization in fundraising while building and maintaining strong relationships with the communities they serve.

Saturn Renge | Division II
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Saturn will be interning with Levantamos: The Center for Afro-Brazilian-American Cooperation, a non-profit organization with the vision to affect profound educational, social, and economic change in the lives of Afro-descendant communities in Brazil and the United States. Saturn will continuing building on her internship work in Bahia through the fall semester, pursuing a self-designed Division III field study on art and healing as acts of resistance, community, and identity.

Tasheena Stewart | Division II
Super 8 Filmmaking: Geographies of Identity
Paris, France
Tasheena will be going abroad to research, interview, and create a short film on the lives and stories of Black communities in France. She will participate in workshops, visit film studios, and attend screenings that will support her in her own filmmaking exploring the connections between blackness in the media in France and in the United States.

Veronica Israel | Division II
Generation Teach
Springfield, MA
Veronica will be serving as a teaching fellow with Generation Teach, building her skills as an educator and contributing to her vision of young students of color experiencing a supportive and engaging education that reflects their communities. Adding to this, she will be attending a training with Relational Uprising on somatics to support her holistic and healing-oriented teaching style.

Zanya Andrade Fitz | Division II
Day One: The Gladioli Project
New York, NY
Zanya will be interning with Day One, the only organization in New York City that focuses their resources exclusively on ending dating abuse and sexual violence among youth. Zanya will be supporting The Gladioli Project: Youth Empowerment & Community Engagement by assisting in the Peer Leadership Summer Institute, creating and facilitating workshops on healthy relationships and violence prevention, and developing and managing Day One’s resources and presentations.

Summer 2017

Anuhea Sebstad | Division III
Community Homestead
Osceola, WI
Anuhea will travel cross-country this summer, gathering audio interviews from a wide array of perspectives as she creates a podcast on the ethics of meat production and consumption. Her work will include an internship with Community Homestead, a lifesharing community meat & vegetable farm run collectively as a space for members of all ages, abilities, and disabilities to share meaningful work.

Bar Kolodny | Division II
Research Assistant
USA, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Israel-Palestine
As research assistant to Dr. George Fourlas, SHIFT Foundation Professor of Applied Ethics, Bar will approach grassroots peacework and conflict transformation from a global perspective, starting by working locally in Worcester, MA with Stone Soup Community Center and EPOCA. Bar will join Dr. Fourlas at the Levan Institute’s Global Ethics & Refugee Policy seminar in Geneva, Switzerland, in collaboration with the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict. After meeting with refugee communities in Greece and Turkey through Elpída Home for Refugees, Bar will head to Old City, Nazareth, to work with Palestinian cultural cafe Liwan and Simsim Guesthouse.

Brianna Deane | Division II
LGBT Center of Central Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, PA
Brianna will return to her work with The LGBT Center of Central PA, a volunteer-led effort to create a regionally representative community center that is a unifying point for central Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ+ population. While at The Center, Brianna will facilitate support spaces and community programming for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults.

Dylan Eli Welch | Division III
Detroit Kite Festival
Detroit, MI
Dylan Eli will be working with the Detroit Kite Festival, a Hampshire alum led non-profit, to help lift off their inaugural free community kite festival at Belle Isle, a public park on an island in the Detroit River. Dylan will focus on making the festival more accessible, including designing and implementing an interactive installation sourced from public archives and festival participants, illuminating cultures of community kite flying as they relate to Detroit’s history.

Eduardo Samaniego | Division II
Pioneer Valley Workers Center
Northampton, MA
Eduardo will collaborate with The Pioneer Valley Workers Center, building power with low-wage and immigrant workers in Western Massachusetts through innovative and creative worker-driven organizing strategies. Eduardo will be supporting the organization’s work around immigrant rights, including their Sanctuary in the Streets initiative of regional rapid response networks.

Forel Kourouma | Division II
Action for Local Development
Kankan, Guinea
Forel will continue his studies of social entrepreneurship and technology in the African diaspora with a self-designed field study in Kankan, Guinea. Forel will work closely with local leaders in Kankan to explore community assets and resources connected to growing entrepreneurship from a grassroots perspective, and gain further experience in applying Asset-Based Community Development principles. He will also connect with workers at a diamond mining operation, learning about their current needs and implementing design-based solutions for collective economic empowerment.

Grant Holub-Moorman | Division II
CESMACH Cooperative
Chiapas, Mexico
Grant’s summer field work in a cohort of participant-researchers will bring him into conversation with coffee farmer cooperatives, highlighting diverse agroecology initiatives and the current social needs of farmer communities. Grant’s work is made possible by a partnership with ECOSUR, University of Vermont, the Community Agroecology Network, and Nicaragua’s National Agrarian University.

Jhazalyn Prince | Division II
New York Writers Coalition
Brooklyn, NY
Jhazalyn will bring her training in the Amherst Writers & Artists writing workshop method to the New York Writers Coalition, one of the largest community-based writing programs in the world. Jhazalyn will assist with outreach initiatives throughout the city, supporting empowering and enriching creative writing spaces for New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds, especially voices from historically silenced communities.

Luis Guevara | Division I
Brooklyn, NY
Luis will continue his partnership with Atlas:DIY as their summer Arts & Culture Coordinator. Through arts integration and mentorship, Luis will support immigrant youth accessing legal services, learning opportunities, college counseling, and leadership development in a space owned, run, and governed by the youth themselves.

Mei Seva | Division III
Family Diversity Projects
Amherst, MA and NYC
With guidance from local non-profit Family Diversity Projects, Mei will create a video documentary centering stories of refugee and asylum-seeking individuals and families. Family Diversity’s traveling photo-text exhibits, books, and curriculums aim to end prejudice, stereotyping, bullying, and harassment of people who are discriminated against due to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, national origin, religion, and disabilities of all kinds.

Veronica Israel | Division I
Grace Church of Amherst, Embodied Leadership Project
Amherst, MA
Nica and fellow Hampshire student Fynta Sidime have been invited by Grace Church of Amherst to travel to Bayonnais, Haiti to design and facilitate a dance and performing arts camp for young women. With support and mentorship from the Embodied Leadership Project, Nica and Fynta will connect dance education with mentoring and counseling to support youth empowerment and leadership.

Nisaa Jackson | Division II
Cheerful Hearts Foundation
Kasoa, Ghana
Nisaa’s summer internship will bring her to rural schools and communities in the Awutu Senya District of Ghana, supporting the Cheerful Hearts Foundation with their intersecting public health, education, and human rights initiatives. Nisaa’s work will contribute to their mission of combating child labor and child trafficking while responding to community development needs.

Sabina Paneva | Division III
Research Assistant
Mali Lošinj, Croatia and Novi Sad, Serbia
Sabina’s research focuses on synthesizing approaches from philosophy and education to create effective, historically-engaged learning opportunities about, against, and to prevent genocide. She has been invited to present at the Integrative Bioethics and New Epoch Conference in Mali Lošinj, Croatia, and will travel to Serbia to assist Dr. Zeljko Kaludjerovic at the University of Novi Sad with his bioethics and philosophy research.

Samara Rosen | Division II
Coastal Watershed Council
Santa Cruz, CA
Samara’s internship with the Coastal Watershed Council in Santa Cruz will expand on her studies of hydrology, water policy, and education by immersing her in the world of citizen science. Samara will lead community members through data collection and river monitoring, and interpret their findings on the web to increase community engagement in water restoration and environmental advocacy.

Samuel Edwards | Division II
Sexual Minorities Archive
Holyoke, MA
Samuel will assist with archival preservation, community outreach, and local research endeavors at the Sexual Minorities Archive, a grassroots, multimedia LGBTQ+ community archive with one of the oldest and largest collections in the country; a uniquely accessible commons of rare primary materials from queer history.

Summer 2016

Emily Rose Brown, Division III Internship with LA Commons, a community-based arts project working in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles to give voice to unique local stories, cultures, and histories.

Lorren Grabarek, Division III internship with RainbowYOUTH, an Auckland, NZ based organization supporting LGBTQ youth across New Zealand. Lorren interviewed critically undersupported LGBTQ youth in rural and isolated areas of New Zealand and will compile their stories into a web-based support resource.

Alice Grendon, Division II Internship collaboratively designed with fellow Div II student Dunan Herman-Parks to honor the legacies of long-time activists Juanita and Wally Nelson by reviving their former cabin at Woolman Hill Quaker Retreat as a site to learn and practice tools for sustainable living, environmental justice, and dance composition.

Forel Kourouma, Division I internship in Rwanda with ThinkImpact, an international program partnering college students with community members in developing countries for collaborative social entrepreneurship and design innovation projects.
Natalia Moyano, Division II internship with Sprouts Cooking Club, a Bay Area non-profit teaching children from all socio-economic and mental health backgrounds the importance of healthy, nutritional foods through hands-on cooking with real chefs in their restaurants.

David Pearl, Division III Internship with TechSpring, a Springfield MA based healthcare information technology innovation hub. David won a trial and development phase with TechSpring to bring his design for an accessible first aid education app to the real-life test environment of the Baystate Healthcare system of hospitals.

Allonzo Perez, Division I Internship with Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles that fights for the dignity and power of incarcerated people, their families and communities, as well as participation in Hampshire College’s summer Institute for Transforming Social Justice.

Eduardo Samaniego, Division III Internship documenting the stories and working conditions of farmers across the Southwest with the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association, an organization working to include the voices and needs of Latino farm and ranching advocacy groups in policy making.

Fynta Sidime Sherif, Division I Internship with Double Edge Theater, an ensemble theater company based at a former dairy farm in Ashfield, MA that makes original contemporary theater performance deeply rooted in the community in which they’re based and the communities that ensemble members are from.

Tasheena Stewart, Division I Internship with First Generation, a Springfield, MA based theater project bringing together youth in an artistic ensemble to create multilingual performances around critical social and cultural issues through multilingual performance.

Emma Weed, Division III Internship with Prison Birth Project, a Hadley based reproductive and carceral justice organization that supports currently and formerly incarcerated mothers and trans* parents to become community leaders and advocates for health and dignity around pregnancy and labor in prison.

Dylan-Eli Welch, Div II Internship with Mobile Design Lab, a Holyoke, MA based permaculture education and design studio engaging and empowering people to build justice through social and ecological interconnectedness, design events, and community projects.


Sofia Anastasia, Division II Internship with Wise Fool New Mexico (Santa Fe, New Mexico), an arts collective that uses folk and circus arts to build community, promote social justice and interrupt cycles of violence and oppression.

Gabrielle Garcia, Division II Internship with Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles that fights for the dignity and power of incarcerated people, their families and communities.

Lauren Garretson, Division II Internship with Project South, a Southern-based leadership development organization that creates spaces for movement building.

Omnia Hamdan, Division III Internship with Colorado Anti-Violence Program, a community based organization dedicated to eliminating all forms of violence within and against LGBTQ people.

Abigail Hanus, Division II Internship with In-Sight Photography Project, a community arts organization that provides young people with an accessible space to foster a creative voice and outlet outside of school.

Emily Keppler, Division III Internship with The Relational Center, a culture change organization focused on fostering values of empathy, diversity, social health, mutual aid, equity, and sustainability.

Gustavo Madrigal-Pina, Division II Internship with Make The Road, a membership organization that builds power among working class Latino communities in New York, NY.

Emmanuel Morales, Division II Internship with the Software Freedom Conservancy, a non-profit that develops, promotes and defends free software projects.

Rikkia Pereira, Division II Internship with Hampshire Youth Connect, co-facilitating (So)ul Connected, a summer youth program that uses a body-center approach to leadership development.

Adisa Stewart, Division III Internship with Generative Somatics, a social justice organization that supports individual and collective healing and transformation through Somatic Leadership Training.

Toni Stone, Division II Internship with Global Youth Connect, a human rights organization that engages youth in developing the tools they need to create change in the world.

Justin Taft-Morales, Division II Internship with the non-profit Global Connections, to pursue research on cross-cultural, youth and therapeutic work in El Rodeo, El Salvador.

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