Join us in celebrating the work of Division III students connected to the Ethics & the Common Good Project, as we hear back from five of these students about their exciting multidisciplinary projects. We’ll have the chance to learn about their research into a variety of topics addressing issues of ethics, the commons, and the common good. Then, we’ll weave connections between questions of community, power, biodiversity, interdependence, history and memory, and the future work to be done. All are welcome – students interested in applying for project grant funding next year are particularly encouraged to attend!

Alice Grendon

Collaborative Creation in Intentional Communities and Dance-making: A Quaker Vision for a Life-Affirming Society in a Systems Collapsing World

Asa Needle

The Viral and the Virulent: Conceptualizing the Alt-Right as White Identity Formation

Ben Stumpf

The Whiteness of Watching: Surveillant Citizenship in the United States, 1965-1999

Malaika Ross

The Impact of Solar Arrays on Soil Microbial Activity

Sabina Paneva

On Origins: The History of Holocaust Education in the United States

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