Watershed Center

Toward a Relational Somatics

by Teal Van Dyck “An alternative to the view that organisms possess ‘life’ is that ‘life’ possesses organisms. By this hypothesis, the secret of ‘life’ is to be sought outwardly and ecologically, rather than inwardly and physiologically… Organisms do not stand on their own. They evolve and exist in the context of unified ecological systems […]

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Student presenting project from Innovations for Change course

Innovations for Change: Problem Solving for the Future

Collaborative painting by students of the 2015 Innovations for Change class with visiting artist Rose Marie Prins, in an exercise that supported students in connecting to iconic representations of our land and sustainable campus, including the Hampshire Tree and Dutch-Belted cattle at the Hampshire Farm (Photograph by SRP) In the ECG grant-supported class Innovations for […]

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Young women's program dancing in studio

Silence, Breath, and Empathy

A lyric essay by Jamila Jackson I have spent the last few years at Hampshire developing the Embodied Leadership Project. My intention with the project has been to facilitate experiential learning around the topics of empathy and emotional intelligence. I understand both of these things to be embodied and relational skills. Advocating within academia for […]

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students and professor seated in row

Toward a Democratic Speech Environment

Christopher Tinson and Javiera Benavente, co-chairs of Hampshire’s Advisory Council on Speaking Across Resilient Communities (SPARC), published an essay in the national education publication Diversity & Democracy in which they share views that emerged from the campus workshops and numerous conversations facilitated by SPARC, as well as best practices from their work in a wide […]

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graphic facilitation notes on the commons

There Are Plenty of Alternatives

Why co-ops, regional currencies, and hackerspaces are pointing the way toward a new economic vision. By David Bollier Originally published on The Nation In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shocking election victory, a shattered Democratic Party and dazed progressives agree on at least one thing: Democrats must replace Republicans in Congress as quickly as possible. As […]

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