Deconstructing & Reconstructing: The US’s Role in Palestine/& Israel

An EPEC facilitated by Bar Kolodny and Desta Cantave On December 6, 2017, President Trump gave a speech formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and directed the State Department to begin the process of relocating the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Nonetheless, several hours after the announcement, he signed a six […]

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CSI/IA 347: Art of Collaborative Leadership

With George Fourlas and Daniel Ross Hampshire and Five College students will often take on positions of leadership in companies and organizations, on campus and beyond, usually with little practice or training. People often think of leadership as individualistic and autocratic, requiring outgoing personality. But there are many styles of leadership, and effective leadership is […]

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CSI 142: Reclaiming the Commons

With George Fourlas In this course we will explore communal modes of life through a theoretical and practical lens. We will engage several communitarian theorists and we will also study some of the recent pragmatic work that has been done to reclaim common space, common practices, and community as such.

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HACU/IA 190: Creative Interventions: Innovations for Change

With Deborah Goffe, Jana Silver, and Natalie Sowell Creative Interventions will deeply explore the intersections between global environmental change, sustainability, the arts, education, and social action. In particular, we will highlight the essential role that creativity and art-making plays in organizing, strategizing and initiating powerful and effective social change. Through creative thinking and expanding on […]

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IA 255: Embodying Genders, Engendering Bodies

With Djola Branner This workshop course explores principles of acting through the lens of contemporary American drama, and simultaneously pushes our perceptions of gender. In addition to expanding physical awareness, vocal expression and relaxation & focus, we will consider the ever-changing historical, cultural and social landscapes that have defined and continue to define male, female […]

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