Notes 12-17-2014

Lee email Paolo about meeting time next semester


  • final materials to wrap up independent studies
  • GPEM papers
  • Tim’s talk
  • simplification for generalization
  • epigenetic discussions


  • potential collaboration
  • discussion of work with John Klein
  • “binding” and its various definitions
  • how to incorporate ideas of bonding into pucks

Lexicase selection

  • inverse co-solvability lexicase bias for ordering cases
  • how to order cases to preserve niching, but also solve hard cases
  • what if the age of the individuals was considered in ordering the cases? that would favor cases that are newly solved. doesn’t everyone want to write more code?


  • in general results look good. need to reconcile differences between which settings work for symreg versus problem synthesis

Tom’s talk: machine learning classification of endothelial cell morphologies


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