Computational Intelligence Laboratory Meeting Notes – 12/10/14


Present: Wren, Tom, Lance, Karthik, Lee, Nic, Bill, Tom, Tim, Mike (Scribe)


Announcements: Meeting next Wednesday 12/17/14 in ASH 221

Meetings next semester at same time in ASH 111 starting January 21st.


Agenda: Uncle Bob Discussion, Lab projects

Deadlines: GECCO Abstracts January 21st or 24th, Papers due February 4th


Project Updates:

Nic:          Working on clustering.

Bill:          Finishing up his paper on EHC, bald eagle project.

Tim:       Working on multivariate clustering of the BC data. Statistics is hard. “Use R” is a                                good book for learning R.

Post-run simplification and generalization with Tom?

Mike:     Compare GP to other methods of analysis. What does the solution look like?   Who                       would use it and why? For next week how interpretable results are? Look into credit                                  card neural networks.

Karthik:  Looking at implementing Tom’s benchmarks for GECCO in Sketch and another system.

Wren:     Working on setting up the Bill’s system. Bill is working on getting it running on FLY.

Tom:        “Pounding the Cluster”. EHC work, just added new data to the table. EHC is performing                                                 generally worse.

Lexicase paper proof is ready.

Lance:     Working on a chemistry representation for ALife. Recently completed a virtual                                                                  ribosome.

Uncle Bob (Finally) part one:

                Create an operator that generalizes within the genetic pipeline?


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