About the Hampshire College Computational Intelligence Lab


The Hampshire College Computational Intelligence Laboratory, the research group of the Hampshire College Institute for Computational Intelligence, supports research in artificial intelligence, artificial life, and a variety of areas at the intersections of computer science with cognitive science, physics, evolutionary biology, and the arts.

This site provides basic, slowly changing information about the lab. More detailed and rapidly updated information is sometimes available from the Push Discourse site, but only portions of that are public.

Lab Members and Affiliates

Lee Spector (Director)
Michael Garcia (Hampshire College undergrad)
Thomas Helmuth (UMass PhD, Asst Prof Computer Science, Hamilton College)
Ian Estabrooks MacPherson (Hampshire College undergrad)
Edward Pantridge (Hampshire College grad, Swoop Inc.)
Anil Kumar Saini (UMass PhD student)

Bill Tozier (Unaffiliated and probably doesn’t want to be listed, but he’s too helpful not to)

Past members: Adam Alpern, Sneha Reddy Aenugu, Isaac Allison, Kwaku Yeboah Antwi, Ben Bailey, Bradford Barr, Beryl Bell, Raphael Crawford-Marks Nirman Dave, Mike Dean, Lauren Easley, Daniel Gerow, Kyle Harrington, Ian Herold, Daniel Homer, Nathaniel Jones, Karthik Kannappan, Jon Klein, William La Cava, Ian Lindsay, Brian Martin, Nic McPhee, Blossom Metevier, Eva Moshkovich, Scott Niekum, Zeke Nierenberg, Julian Oks, George Price, Alan Robinson, Micah Savitzky, Silvana Saca, Maurisa S, Saul Shanabrook, Moshe Sipper, Timothy Stiles, Andrew Stout, Tapojit Debnath Tapu, Emma Tosch, Nathan Whitehouse, Jake Wisdom, Frode Zahn