Notes – 1/7/15

CI Lab Meeting Notes – 1/7/15

Attendance: Lee, Tom, Karthik (Hangouts), Mike (Scribe)

     GECCO Papers: Abstracts due January 21st, Full papers on February 4th


               Benchmarks – Data is assembled, Tom is putting together the outline.

Estimate of 2 Weeks to finish runs.

               Parameter Sets – Instructions, Max Size, Push-eval limit, Max # of runs

List which parameters/instructions are being used for each problem.

               Homology – along with Bill?


How does simplification percentage affect generalization

Incorporate simplification into selection? (Probably a bad idea)

How does it apply outside of Push?


      Pucks bonding has been implemented


      Lee is working on re-implementing finite algebras algorithm



      Next week’s possible Agenda Items:

                Uncle Bob continued

Homology Discussion

More GECCO Submissions?

**Next Week’s Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 13th 10:00AM – 12:00PM Location: TBD

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