11 12 14 Notes

Meeting times Wednesday 9-12?. In ash 111.
Jason Moore now at Upenn.
Moshe and Lee grant submitted.
A ridiculously interesting and high volume amount of stuff and exciting graphs.
Uncle Bob.
Karthik giving tutorial.
Tom’s stuff.
Wren’s project. Wisconsin card projects.
evolving one model for two different conditions
individual is just the equation.
don’t evolve the parameter, but when testing an individual sweep the parameter.
Jordan Grafman Northwestern. Data.
TomWeed out the crap of simplifying programs. Mixed cross validation and simplification.
1. Niching
2. post run simplification
3. stats stuff that has been on the email list
4. stuff that started with hill-climbing. How do you limit runs?
5. multi-chance lexicase.
Replace space with newline program. Tournament selection just as a well as lexicase selection
if you look at it in a different problem.
Niching- Look at stuff
“I’m not sure what that means”.

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