29 October 2014

Attendance: Wren, Tom, Bill, Eddie (Scribe), Tim, Mike, Beryl, Nic

Wren’s Project

Hoping to find equation of curve from data averages extracted from videos.

Might try simpler regression techniques before using GP.

EHC in Clojush/Bill’s Results

Non-significant improvement using EHC with lexicase. Very significant improvements using EHC with more traditional GP techniques.

Different number of point evaluations make it hard to compare.

Pagie problem improvements. Added a 1 to the constants, which allowed for solutions to be found, thus success rates compared. Seemed to be an improvement of baseline tests and EHC tests.

Nic discussed ways of looking at the statistically significance of results of a run. (Pairwise tests)

Tom’s Diversity/Homology Results

Lexicase increases the diversity of the population a lot.

Not clear if lexicase significantly lowers Homology or not.

Higher diversity = individuals are very different in population

Higher homology = population has higher average edit distance

Higher diversity generally result in lower homology. Is this bad?

Program sizes increased much more with lexicase selection.

Graphs become less informative as number of runs find solutions. Possibly change opacity or thickness of plot lines as success rates improve.

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