22 October 2014

Lab Meeting Notes October 22, 2014

Present: Bill, Tom, Lee, Ben (Scribe), Tim, Eddie, Mike, Lance


New library that allows people to integrate clojure in Unity.

This is awesome for AI and virtual worlds stuff.

Unity already can integrate C#, javascript, boo (?)

Eddie will look more into the clojure integration in Unity.


Push doesn’t have information protected at all so scaling up might be difficult.

The idea of “Names” became cumbersome.

“Tags” though with inexact matching might help.

Difficult to figure out if “Tags” accomplishes true modularity.

Eventually came up with “Environments” but have not tested it much.

Also developed “Environments” for geometric semantic operators

What happens is that when calling “environment” the current state gets stored somewhere and the thing you want to run gets run. Then when returning the state you can consume code that you had just run and create code that was the result of the run.

Should we be including “Tags”?

Should we be including “Environments”? (thinking about them separately)

Lee: Send Lance Tagspace machine paper.


Lee is updating transactions so that the “bid” and “ask” system can be more strongly developed.

In order for transaction to occur each “bid” should satisfy each “ask.”

Lee wants:

Double check the neighborhood implementation.

New complex worlds

New worlds that will be slightly different each run.

Also needs scalability.


Fitting a decision tree to the data

Should we remove duplicates?

Change the current paradigm since data seems to conflict with itself.

Bills Results

Results of new hill climbing algorithm and trying to find new efficient methods.

Crossover does seem to be pretty good

algorithm is not effected by number of iterations.

For next meeting

Make sure to include some Wren and Tom time

Come back to Uncle Bob.

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