15 October 2014

Lab meeting notes 15 October 2014

Present: Lee, Lance, Karthik(Scribe), Ben, Tim, Mike


The pucks environment. 

– Testing of the neighbor finding algorithm.

– Scale up the world and check for the efficiency of the newer neighbor finding algorithm.

– Add a potential scaling factor setting?

– Building more worlds that are somewhere in between completely random and completely deterministic.


Clojush documentation – outstanding issue for a very long term. 

– Evolving things with say, 3 inputs.

– Use a Wiki for documentation.

– Handling documentation for things that are highly dynamic.


– Talk about environments, either today/sometime soon

– Tim’s decision tree results: Current success rate ~62%, which isn’t necessarily better than just guessing “no” on the problem.

– Parameters that can potentially improve generalization?


Uncle Bob piece. 


(Long term) : Presentation on Satisfiability Modulo Theory, constraints, etc.

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